2018-08-29 09:17
by Felix Strähle

Our User Story with designfunktion

why layoutplanning needs a new dimension

The designfunktion Group, one of Germany's leading planning and furnishing companies, has recognized that customers often have difficulties envisioning well the planned rooms. Plans and renderings visualize a room well, but never let it "experience" it as a room. Design function went together with us a step forward towards "experiencing spaces".

The usual 2D and 3D planning in customer presentations is now extended by immersive visualization in VR. The clear conclusion after the first wow effect: Not every room looks the same from different perspectives.

Virtual Reality Collaboration makes it possible for non-professionals to give their comments assessment of the effect of the rooms. Receiving feedback from customers before the rooms are realised, means coordinating better the design phases. Planning errors can be detected, assessed and avoided at an early stage. In virtual reality, every point of view in the room can be accessed, safety inspections can be planned and the accessibility simulated for rescue forces.

Virtual Reality in planning and customer communication creates a win-win situation for all participants and turns planning meetings into an impressive experience that will be remembered positively. You can read the individual planning steps in VR in our success story.


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