2018-08-06 12:54

What has to be considered when using Virtual Reality Meetings in the company

The use cases are as diverse as the tasks in the industry: Virtual Reality (VR) is used for design reviews in development, ergonomic checks for security officers and visualizations for marketing.

Particularly in the area of product development, VR has contributed to shortening development times and avoiding costs. An important use of VR is to support communication between experts and non-experts and thus simplify decision-making at an early stage of development. Powerwalls and CAVEs were the common techniques. However, this technology has so far been reserved for large financially strong companies. With the quantum leap in HeadMountedDisplay (HMD) technology, smaller companies can now also use VR to speed up their processes. The advantages are firstly the low price, secondly the good tracking quality and thirdly the low delay (latency). To minimize latency, current game engines such as Unity3D or Unreal enable the preparation of VR presentations.

The Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic. Its core provides essential functionalities such as rendering and physics simulation.

Read in our whitepaper what steps are required to create a VR scene for a multi-user session.

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